Talent Acquisition

Regardless of the transformation a business is facing we help organizations focus on creating talent management strategies to attract people with the skills to take their organization into the future.

Our Talent Acquisition Solutions include:

Talent Acquisition Planning & Strategy

We will work with you to develop an ongoing process that begins by building your Employer Brand, communication of Employee Value Proposition and ongoing relationship with targeted Talent segments. This approach leads to the development of talent pools and talent pipelines eventually creating a sustainable talent supply chain.

Strategic Workforce Planning

The process starts with taking an audit of your current state. This is essentially doing an assessment of who you have within your organization and the skills they possess, but also what you foresee in the future. This is the second step, Future State Visioning. It is essentially determining what you think the organization is going to look like in 12-18- or 24-months’ time. Step three is the Gap Analysis. This is identifying the gap between where you believe your workforce is going to be and where your workforce is actually going. What is that gap and what scenarios do you put into play to actually fill that gap. Finally step four is Action, this is putting these plans into play.

CEO & Board Services

Our CEO Search and succession planning services identify the ideal profile for organizational strategy. We assess quality candidates and benchmark them against best-in-class CEOs using proprietary research on traits that correlate with success. This allows us to identify both near-term CEOs who align with strategic objectives, and longer-term prospects for internal succession.

Critical to the success of the CEO and the organization is a Board of Directors with the competencies and intellectual capital to address the toughest strategic and operational challenges. We provide a full range of Board services including recruitment; evaluation and enhancement of current board competencies; effectiveness of makeup, oversight, and culture; strategic alignment; compensation benchmarking; and eventually succession. We work closely with boards to understand strategy, culture, and composition, then partner with our colleagues with deep industry expertise – including diversity, cyber, technology, and finance – to identify the ideal mix of candidates.

Professional Search

Whether professional needs revolve around a new product launch, organizational change, strategic shift, or geographic expansion, our professional search services identify and attract unique leaders, determine ideal organizational fit, and build appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention.