Organizational Strategy

We provide end to end support to organizations who want to transform their business. We help them translate their strategy into something they can operationalize, by aligning both the tangible elements of the organization – people, structure and process – and the intangible elements – motivations, relationships and culture. This enables you to anticipate and react to evolving markets, drive true behavioral and organizational change – and make it stick.

Our Strategic Solutions include:

Organizational Planning, Design and Development

Starting with your mission and key strategic goals, our team can lead you through a process of identifying organizational structures and designs to optimally support achievement of your business objectives.

Cultural Transformation

We start with a deep dive into the current culture. Our actions are driven by quantitative (Culture Survey, Organizational Analytics) and qualitative measures (interviews, observation of team meetings, focus groups).  From there we define the culture that will deliver on the organization’s strategy. 

Throughout the process we encourage positive thinking, developing a shared story to eliminate workplace culture fears and barriers and build the desire to change.  In doing so, we make change happen. 

We align leadership around a shared cultural vision and change plan, we align the organization to the vision (including new operating models and structures) and we embed the desired culture across all HR strategy and frameworks.

HR Effectiveness

We see strategic human resource management as a force for delivering great talent, superior performance and strategy execution.  We work with organizations to redefine and recalibrate their HR functions to thrive going forward. We assess an organization’s current state of HR.

We examine different potential structures for the HR function and define key roles. We make sure HR has the talent it needs and identify the next-generation of HR leaders and how to put them in position to succeed. And we develop overarching HR strategies for continued growth and success.