Business Alignment

When you misidentify an issue, don’t understand its underlying causes, try to solve only one aspect of a problem, or try to deal with any of the complex factors that come with growth, it can create chaos in your business. One of the most critical and beneficial steps you can take is to understand your fundamental issues and address them BEFORE they arise.

Our Business Alignment Solutions Include:

Using the Stages of Growth X-Ray diagnostic tool, we can determine your company’s current stage of growth; critically assess your past, present and future so you can adjust your focus accordingly; identify the hidden agents – defined as 27 Challenges – that are impacting your company’s ability to grow; and develop a plan to solve those issues. This business alignment tool is part of James Fischer’s 7 Stages of Growth research, which involved 650 CEO’s of small and mid-sized companies, in 35 different industries

Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone™: Identifying how individuals within an organization impact the company’s bottom line.

Myth #1:  Employees have little interest in how their company makes money.

Myth #2:  The concept of profitability can’t be taught to employees who don’t understand a financial statement.

Myth: #3:  If employees knew how much money a company made they would demand more money.

This program was designed to:

  • Explode these three myths and many more.
  • Improve a company’s bottom line.
  • Help each employee understand the value they bring to an enterprise.
  • Educate each employee as to how they impact profitability in their organization.

In most organizations, less than 10 percent of the company’s staff really understands how a company makes and keeps money. Employees choose to be employees and not entrepreneurs because they want the certainty of a paycheck. Ironically, most employees don’t understand their direct role in making sure those paychecks happen. They just assume the boss will make sure there is enough money to pay them. The staff is rarely connected to the reality of how they directly affect the company’s ability to make payroll.

The goal is to bubble up the growth of an enterprise. In order to make this a reality and not just theory, there must be real work involved in educating the staff and building this knowledge into the DNA of the company.