When we started in 2008 as Agility Management Group, our goal was simple: Empower emerging and established companies across North America recruit and hire strategic talent. Over the next years, our growing network of Human Resources professionals and their evolving needs resulted in the addition of new services including; Organizational Planning, Design and Development, Recruitment Strategy and Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching; Compensation Consulting and Architecture; Assessments, Human Resources Consulting, C-level and Boardroom Searches.  Today our goal has evolved to: Empower start-ups and growth companies by making Human Resources more accessible and make it as easy as humanly possible for businesses to manage and care for their employees. 

Over the past 11 years we’ve seen a lot happen economically, both good and bad. We survived the Great Recession of 2008, helping our clients do the same by successfully and quickly adjusting their workforces in a humane and well-organized fashion. We weathered the storm on our reputation for fast, disciplined executive searches and our red-carpet treatment of all candidates.  As we entered 2012, we assisted our clients and candidates in returning to “normal” as the economy recovered and human capital became harder to attract, engage and retain. And now, at a time when creativity and innovation is the name of the people ops game, we’re helping our clients transform and pivot to stay ahead of the talent management curve.

Through it all, we’ve learned the importance of being Agile and why we now just go by AGILITY as we continue to reshape our business priorities in response to market movements, industry changes and the evolving needs of our clients.  In reinventing ourselves, expanding our services, and increasing our focus on metrics and analytics, we have helped our clients do the same while remembering that we are ultimately working with people. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our Client’s Human Capital goals, more inspired than ever by the urgency of that work, and optimistic about our ability to make a difference.